Tools For Writers

KINDLE DIRECT PUBLISHING – Simply the best thing to happen to indie authors since the copy machine. Self-publishing paperbacks, Amazon Kindle ebooks, and other formats in the world’s largest marketplace. Also distributes elsewhere.

MAIL CHIMP – Most popular email list building platform. You NEED a mailing list if you are going to be successful. There are plenty of videos on YouTube, and I’ll be posting some on the site, that can teach you how to effectively use Mail Chimp and mailing lists  to grow your fanbase, sell books instantly upon launch, and build meaningful relationships with your readers. And there are plenty of other good mailing list providers and services, but Mailchimp is the one that I have the most experience with, so I recommend it.

AUTHOR MARKETING CLUB – These guys are really experienced with book publishing and have developed a lot of great strategies and tools. Some of the tools and guides are free and some require an affordable membership. I visit this site often and read just about every email they send me.

CREATIVINDIE – Derek Murphy is one of the world’s Creative Masters. You can learn a lot from his website and platform Creativindie. His unorthodox approaches to writing, publishing and marketing will quite possibly change your life in a really good way.

THE CRATIVE PENN – Joanna Penn is a NYT Bestselling independent author. On her site, she provides guidance and inspiration for writing, self-publishing, book marketing and how to make a living with your writing through articles, podcast episodes, video, books and courses.

FREE AMAZON BOOK PROMO SUBMISSION TOOL – When you are ready to run a free promotion for your kindle ebooks, do yourself a favor and PROMOTE YOUR GIVEAWAY! Listing your book at as many of the places listed at the bottom of this site will greatly increase your downloads, reviews, visibility and eventual sales. Submit your book information to as many of these sites as is relevant. Some links are no longer free and a couple no longer work, but the time it takes to fill in your book information over and over again is totally worth it.

FREE AMAZON KEYWORD TOOL – This is just awesome. This free online tool analyzes which keywords are actually converting into sales. You enter some keywords about your book, hit enter, and then you get to see all the keywords that are actually converting sales within Amazon. You also get a list of keywords – labeled stuff – that you can put into your product descriptions to achieve even higher ranking than descriptions without them. The Free version gives you 5 searches per day, so make them count. Do yourself a favor and copy and paste the results for future use.