Why You Should Start Writing a Book Immediately

Human beings are the only animals on Earth that use written words.

This is one of the fundamental things that makes us human. This sets us apart from all other known life on the planet. Our brains are the most powerful computers we know of, and there are so many of us on the planet, that our combined potential is – I daresay – infinite.

With infinite potential on our side, that means we are capable of anything. All great things we do begin with words. Think of wedding vows, naming a baby, conferring a degree or diploma… These are some of the most pivotal moments in our lives, and we go far to make sure that the words spoken at these moments are chosen and used well.

That’s why you should write a book: Writing a book is in fact, on par with the above listed events. Writing a book brings a fullness to your life that not writing one does not. Just think about it: If someone asks you, “Have you ever written a book?” There are 2 big answers you can give: Yes, or No. If the answer is yes, I can tell you from experience that it is very satisfying to be able to say so. If you have not, I can also remember from earlier in life, that that can feel a little unpleasant to have to admit that you have not. Besides all that, the CONTENT of your book may be critically important to the improvement of your life, or even to the lives of others.

Great books change lives for the better. There might be a book in you that can do things for the world that no other book has heretofore done. I challenge you to write a book that can change the world, or at least make a few awesome waves in your own life.

Do it now!