Great Books By New Authors


From the Cover:

Kael Holt was a normal kid with everyday problems. School, Homework, bullies, and being over looked by those in his life. Until he meets Miranda, the new girl in school, then things change. Life starts to take a turn when the Demons of Myth start becoming a reality and Kael has to accept a role as Miranda’s guardian. Things will never be the same for Kael or Miranda again as destiny drives them both into the darkness on the edge of their lives.



Oren Lockwood is a rising star at Divine Providence Incorporated, one of a handful of global supercorporations that tyrannise an overheated and downsized post fossil-fuel world.

He is employed to spy on Divine’s rivals and engaged to marry the daughter of their fiercely ambitious CEO. This is the man behind the game-changing Prolepsis engine: software capable of building predictive extrapolations of the world, populated by AI copies of its digitally over-sharing inhabitants.

Oren’s callous Manhattan City friends envy his lifestyle and prospects. They desperately strive for similar advancement, but live in perpetual fear of being offboarded to live – or more likely die – amongst the ‘Tumbleweeds’ as the elite class refer to those replaced by androidisation or otherwise deemed surplus to the supercorporations’ ever-changing needs.

In a violent and precarious world Oren seems to be on a fixed path to a bright future, if someone can only convince him he wants it.

But when his obsession with a mysterious AI woman leads him into immense danger, Oren will have to decide if she is his Nemesis or everything that is missing from his life.

Sean Henderson’s latest is a fast-paced speculative fiction thriller set in a dark dystopian near-future with shades of Philip K Dick, William Gibson, George Orwell’s 1984 and so much more…


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